The Kliewers - 40 Years of Service at Meridian

Fellowship dinner - july 29, 2023

  • We had a wonderful time Saturday evening! 
  • Thank you to everyone who made the Fellowship Dinner possible.
  • We had a great turnout of people including many who drove great distances to be there.
  • We would love to compile pictures and videos that were taken by others. If you would like to share any pictures or videos, you can use the form below.
    •  If it’s easier, email or text your pictures or videos to Pastor Caleb — — 318-294-6777

Special service - July 30, 2023

  • What a great time of worshipping the Lord and honoring the Kliewers!!
  • Enjoy the recording of the service from the morning.
  • Note: We apologize for a couple of glitches with the recording. The sound starts in the middle of the men’s song.
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Here are a few “historic” pictures as well as the slideshow or over 500 pictures we assembled including Pam’s piano music!

Please use this form to upload your pictures or videos