Welcome to "Answers to Life's Questions." This is intended to be a Bible correspondence course for those seeking answers from the Bible about life and its meaning. The study is not exhaustive, but it will give you a basis to understand the essentials needed to develop a relationship with God.

Although you may be tempted to jump around from lesson to lesson, it is very important that you follow the order we have laid out, beginning with LESSON 1. As you go through the lessons, you will notice that sometimes we have typed out the Bible verse(s), sometimes we simply provide the reference(s), and in some instances we leave some blanks.

We encourage you to locate the verses in your own Bible to find the missing words or to read the reference only verses. If you are unfamiliar with a Bible, you will find the names and order of all the books in the front pages of your Bible, along with page numbers. The first number after the name of the book is the chapter, followed by a colon(:) and the verse number. However, if you do not have a Bible you can simply hover over the reference with your mouse and the verse will pop up.

After reading through the lesson, you are encouraged to scroll down the page and take the Quiz. You will gain the most value if you review the information and take the Quiz without referring to the lesson information. In order to submit your answers for the Quiz, you will be required to include your Name, a valid Email Address, and the Date. This will enable us to track your answers and your progress throughout the course. You answers will be sent to a checker to be sure that you understand the material. You may proceed with the successive lessons at you own pace, but again, it is essential that you progress through the lessons in sequential order so that you receive the most benefit from the material. Each lesson builds on the information from the previous lesson(s).

We are praying that you will not only enjoy this endeavor, but that it will enrich your life and give you some understanding to Life's Questions. 









If you have any questions, you may email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.